Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing Fiona Hewitt...

We are big fans of the amazing accessory line Classic Hardware and we have been carrying
the line in our boutiques for over 10 years. They just shipped us the newest collection and all the artwork is from a wonderful new artist named Fiona Hewitt. She's an illustrator and expert in
Asian kitchology! She has spent endless years trawling flea markets and junk shops in Beijing,
Shanghai, and Hong Kong and has tried to recreate the sweet sentiment and attention to
detail found in vintage Asian packaging and Chinese toys. Her work is fabulous and we
are so happy she has teamed up with Classic Hardware! Here's a peek at some of her work as well
as some of our newest arrivals from the Classic Hardware/Fiona Hewitt collection. We heart!
This is Cookie and her friend, I think he's a turnip(?)
Here she is on our Victoria frame necklace!

He's not just a snail, he's not just a sailor...he is a Snailor!!

This is Rosa the Zebra.

Tractor Bunny

The longer you look at this, the crazier it that big bunny wearing ruby slippers?

House of Yum

Welcome to the Wha Wha Club!

Double Joy