Monday, June 18, 2012

go fly a kite...

It's time to change our window display and this time we wanted to do something
summertimey. We decided nothing says summer more than kites!
Here's how we crafted our own fabric display kites:
First, we had to hit up Joanns Fabrics where we picked up some sweet and
whimsical fabric remnants. Then it was on to Michaels for the rest of our supplies.

Crafting our kites...
Cut dowels and wrap with twine...this is the spine of the kite.
We did 3 different sizes.

Cut notches in the tips of each dowel and thread twine through notches.

Place kite frame over fabric, leave an inch wide border and cut.
Fold fabric over twine and fuse with iron-on hemming tape.
Cut leftover fabric into strips. Tie strips together with knots...this is the kite tail.
We embellished a few of our kites with glittery butterflies...
and added a cloud made of cardboard and lace!
We absolutely adore our cute kite window.